About Us

 Come check out all of the rave! We are located on 9039 Old Number Six Highway, Santee South Carolina.

Smith's American Junction

Smith's American Junction Exit 98

Smith's American Junction quickly became a popular destination for travelers and locals alike. In addition to selling fuel, Smith's offered an impressive selection of fireworks that drew in crowds from all over. The store also had a wide variety of souvenirs making it a one-stop-shop for all your road trip needs. Despite changes in ownership over the years, Smith's American Junction remains a beloved landmark in the community.

Smith's Exxon

Smith's Exxon: A Community Staple for Travelers Across the US

Smith's Exxon has established itself as an integral part of the community and a must-stop destination for travelers across the United States. With a wide variety of products ranging from fudge, pralines, ciders, jams, and more, Smith's has something for everyone. In addition to the fantastic offerings, Smith's is renowned for its friendly and welcoming staff, making it the perfect pit stop on any road trip.


Welcome to Coast!

Coast underwent rebranding in 2023, and now we are your ultimate go-to destination for all your needs. Come visit us and discover our amazing selection of Coast Candy, fireworks, souvenirs, and merchandise. Additionally, we take pride in providing our customers with impeccably clean restrooms!